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Image by Pedro Lastra

February 25

Visceral Dance Chicago

Please arrive for registration between 12:30pm - 1pm

Virgin Voyages is hosting in-person auditions for upcoming and future replacements for PHANTOM FOLKTALES, (produced by PigPen Theatre Company). The Phantom Folktales are a series of pop-up musical and theatrical events during a voyage on the gorgeous Scarlet Lady.

The Phantom Folktales cast is composed of charismatic, generous, and imaginative performers, musicians, and puppeteers with a knack for audience engagement in intimate settings. Each performer has featured song/story/puppeteering events. Together, the ensemble collaborates to perform a collection of stories, songs, and events across the ship. We are prioritizing a diverse multi-racial and multicultural cast. Performances are in English but accents are welcome.


The music of Phantom Folktales centers around strong guitar players/singers. Additionally, we have always included banjo, mandolin, bass, and cajon. While there is some flexibility regarding which tracks can play which instruments, there are certain instruments we are looking for as auxiliary additions to those listed in the audition materials. In the past these have included melodica, violin, ukulele, and accordion. So, in our quest to create our band for the show, be prepared to step a bit outside of what you might already play. For instance, if you're a guitarist, you may be asked to learn some bass. If you're a pianist, you may learn the melodica or some basic accordion. If you're a violinist, you may learn the mandolin. Our music director will help to build on the skills you have as you approach the relatively simple music written for these auxiliary instruments. But the more you can bring to the table, the better!


In addition to performing in the Phantom Folktales, the cast will also participate in ship-wide entertainment which includes various solo or small ensemble music performances (to be created and curated by the cast) featuring covers of contemporary music. Performers and Musicians who have experience with busking is a plus, though not a requirement.



TAYLOR - Strong Guitar Player and Singer – Any Gender – A rugged troubadour with an earthy and windswept quality. A charismatic and generous performer who draws you into their stories.


RIVER – Strong Guitar Player and Singer, Support Puppetry – Any Gender – They are good-natured and have a sense of humor.


OLIVE – Strong Singer, Support Instrumentalist – Female – A kind and soulful singer. Harmonizes with ease.


LOGAN  – Strong 5-string Banjo Player and Singer – Male – A tough exterior with a boyish interior life. A charmer. 


JULES – Strong Puppeteer and Actor/Singer – Any Gender – An affable Captain Ahab type. A charismatic performer who can hook and build a connection quickly with their audience. Can handle heightened text at the speed of thought. 


PARKER – Strong Puppeteer/Actor, Support Instrumentalist (percussion preferred) – Any Gender – A modern salesperson who is more than comfortable pitching their new tech product. Has a sense of humor. Comfortable with Audience interaction.


ROSE – Strong Singer, Support Instrumentalist (Melodica/Accordion/Keys preferred) – Female 

Audition Information & Preparation 

In person auditions will be held on February 25, 2022 at Visceral Dance Chicago (3121 N Rockwell Street Chicago, IL). Please arrive between 12:30-1pm  to register.


Please click the button below to download the audition materials for the character you’d like to present. If you feel you don't have time to prepare the requested music, please prepare a song of your choosing that matches the spirit, style, and skill-level of your track's requested music.  



To ensure your most successful and comfortable audition, we ask that you provide your own instrument(s) for the audition.  


Please note: Proof of vaccination will be required to attend the audition. Masks will be required onsite.  All performers should be 21 years of age or older. Union and Non-Union. 


Contract Information

Contracts will be ongoing throughout 2022 onboard The Scarlet Lady sailing the Caribbean. 


Salary: $1,000/wk. Housing, transportation, and all meals provided.

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