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March 2

By Appointment

The Global Smash Hit + Las Vegas Strip Favorite, THE MISS BEHAVE GAME SHOW has partnered with Virgin Voyages and is currently playing onboard our lady ships!  We’re looking for personable, outgoing, confident and unique hosts and variety performers who are ready to jump on board and rock the boat to audition on March 2, 2023 in Las Vegas, NV.


THE MISS BEHAVE GAME SHOW is like no other. A full-on riot of a show - fast, funny, and fabulous! You'll win and lose points, you'll know all the tunes, and probably end up shouting and screaming (and singing) in spite of yourself, all while having no idea what is going on. The Host & Assistant will entertain the heck out of you, while guiding you through to the Grand Prize, a finale like you've never experienced before. Never the same show twice. 

HOST – (Any gender, any background, 21 or older)
Excellent crowd work skills. Ideally enjoys crowd work more than their own material. You will have a script, some of which will be delivered with pathos, some purely instructional. The rest is listening and playing with the crowd…as they dictate. Comfortable on a mic, can ad-lib without derailing the rhythm, understands funny, charismatic, natural comic timing, able to work within a structure.  

For consideration, please send us some clips that showcases your quick wit and audience banter (hosting reel, stand-up comedy, and/or brief video introducing you and what you do). 

GLAM ASSISTANT - (Any gender, any background, 21or older)
Able to dance, charismatic, natural comic timing - as the assistant. Largely non-verbal role.  Should have, or have the ability to create a 2-4 minute number, ideally skills based, music driven ‘assistant's special moment’ number.  Can be dance, circus skills, variety act, etc, but strong visual and soundtrack required. Recognizable is our friend, whether it’s super campy or absurdly metal!  


For consideration, please send us a brief video of your show stopping number: a dance reel, circus act, variety performance or other special skills. 


Audition Information & Preparation 

To be considered for an appointment please email headshot/resume and the material requested above to with MISS BEHAVE VEGAS SUBMISSION in the subject line by February 24, 2023. Appointment details and preparation instructions will be sent if selected for an appointment. 


NOTE: All performers must be 21 or older to work onboard.


Contract Information

Contracts will be ongoing throughout 2023 on our fleet of ships across the Caribbean and Mediterranean with priority on casting for May, 2023.


Rehearsals in Orlando, FL: May 10-19, 2023

Onboard: May 21, 2023 - Mid-November, 2023


Salary: Starting at $1200/wk. Housing, transportation, and all meals provided.

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