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Unique. Charismatic. Benevolent.

The Phantom Folktales Players (produced by PigPen Theatre Company) are a series of pop-up musical and theatrical events during a voyage on the gorgeous Scarlet Lady.


The cast is composed of charismatic, generous, and imaginative performers, musicians, and puppeteers with a knack for audience engagement in intimate settings. Each performer has featured song/story/puppeteering events. Together, the ensemble collaborates to perform a collection of stories, songs, and events across the ship. We are prioritizing a diverse multi-racial and multicultural cast. Performances are in English but accents are welcome.


TAYLOR Strong Guitar Player and Singer – Any Gender – A rugged troubadour with an earthy and windswept quality. A charismatic and generous performer who draws you into their stories. 


RIVER – Strong Guitar Player and Singer, Support Puppetry – Any Gender – They are good-natured and have a sense of humor.

OLIVE – Strong Singer, Support Instrumentalist – Female – A kind and soulful singer. Harmonizes with ease.


LOGAN – Strong 5-string Banjo Player and Singer – Male – A tough exterior with a boyish interior life. A charmer.


JULES – Strong Puppeteer and Actor/Singer – Any Gender – An affable Captain Ahab type. A charismatic performer who can hook and build a connection quickly with their audience. Can handle heightened text at the speed of thought.


PARKER – Strong Puppeteer/Actor, Support Instrumentalist (percussion preferred) – Any Gender – A modern salesperson who is more than comfortable pitching their new tech product. Has a sense of humor. Comfortable with Audience interaction.


ROSE – Strong Singer, Support Instrumentalist (Melodica/Accordion/Keys preferred) – Female

If you can't make it to our in person auditions, click the button below to show us your stuff!

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