Ready to play?

Send us your submission and show us what ya got! Make sure you read everything thoroughly so you don’t miss any important bits.


What to submit

  1. Slate name, current city and any instruments you play.

  2. Short vocal and instrument selection of your choosing.

  3. A 1-minute clip of you demonstrating “found object puppetry.” 

    • Pick one small ordinary item from your home as your protagonist. Show us this character waking up, then going on an epic adventure, then going back to sleep. The journey should take place on a table. You may use up to 3 extra handheld objects to help tell the story in under 1 minute. You can hum, whistle, or vocalize the journey if you like. No text and no recorded music.

  4. Link to your submission video, posted either to YouTube or Vimeo (please make sure the video is set to unlisted and under 2 minutes!)


Pro Tips

  • Get Creative

  • Be comfortable 

  • Be your true self on camera

  • Keep it under 2 minutes


Be authentically you and don’t feel like you need to be presentational.


We can’t wait to meet you!