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The Doctor

Profiles are provided for illustrative purposes only. Persona, stories, background, skills and duties are evocative of the type of humans we are looking for to join Happenings.

My name is Dr. A and I never sleep alone, unless I want to. I’ve spent my carrier taking my patients from being tragically unf**kable to being the STAR they truly are. I love spending time with amazing, beautiful, sexy humans and helping them be the best that they can be. I am passionate about the whole person: mind, body, soul. And don’t forget, buy the book, read the book, live the book.


What are my skills:

  • Amazing hosting skills in any situation

  • Strength in empowering others to be their best self

  • Really strong improviser

  • One who can easily go with the flow

  • Epic charisma

  • Have a powerful voice with a strong pop belt, and be able to front a 4-piece rock band.


Snapshot of my voyage:

  • Host my late-night show, Never Sleep Alone, in my favorite space, The Manor

  • Take my luscious Luxurates through a day of wellness, Dr. Alex style

  • Lead my sexy sailors, and fellow drinkers, through our Virgin Grog Walk experience

  • Teach my brand of Adult Play Wellness classes, based on my best selling book, Never Sleep Alone (buy the book)

  • Host a private VIS party in the secret bar, where we will tell each other our moXst intimate secret

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