Ready to KEEP the BEAT with Virgin Voyages?  This is What We Are Looking for in a Drummer. 

  • As our Drummer and Percussionist, you will play a variety of music during our voyages as a duo, trio, and with our full band for shows, parties, and happenings.

  • You are a passionate musical chameleon who can authentically switch between Rock, Pop, Jazz, R&B, Soul, and World Music. 

  • You perform in all percussion styles.  Be it rocking out on an acoustic drum set supplemented by triggers, stirring up the Jazz with brushes, or as an authentic-sounding World percussionist on a Cajon with a foot pedal and hand percussion.  

  • You have a rock-solid tempo and are comfortable playing to a click track.  

  • You should have at least two years of live playing experience and/or can demonstrate you have developed the unique ability to read a crowd and energize a room with your musical ability. 

  • You can read and interpret traditional sheet music and/ or chord charts. 

  • You quickly learn and memorize new material under limited rehearsal time. 

  • You thrive to improvise. 


Nice to Haves:  

  • Ability to sing lead or back-ups. 

  • Can play an additional instrument well enough to perform live. 

  • Experience programming electronic drums/ triggers. 

  • Cruise, casino, live tour, theater, or resort performance experience. 

We Really Dig Musicians Who...

  • Commit to a minimum of a five-month uninterrupted contract at sea. 

  • Enhance our Sailor’s onboard experience by providing them with high-quality, fresh sonic experiences at every performance.   

  • Be the musical backbone for some of our shows, parties, and happenings. 

  • A Creative performer who can add their own twist on cover material.

  • Actively take part in assigned crew activities including, but not limited to, safety and training drills, company meetings and briefings, rehearsals, and performances.

  • You recognize that people “hear with their eyes” and take pride in your stage look and presence. You are open to wardrobe suggestions and willing to dress the part for certain events.

  • You're a team player and help set-up, break-down, and move musical equipment if needed. 

  • You are comfortable working in environments with limited personal space for long periods of time.

  • You are punctual with solid time management skills. 

  • You are comfortable working under close supervision and/or independently.

  • You welcome criticism as a way to learn and grow as a musician. 

  • You are a music explorer always looking for the next great sound to include in your sets. 

  • You dig people and look forward to engaging with them professionally both on and off the stage.

  • You value your fellow musicians, technicians, and crew members and treat them with the compassion and respect they deserve. 

  • You can roll with the waves in a hectic startup environment. 

Ready to Board Our Stage?