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Tickle Our Funny Bone!

Are you a cheeky good time?  Know how to really make a crowd LOL?  We are searching the seven seas for the most hilarious, hysterical, dynamic, comedic geniuses who can follow our lead for funny, but also pepper in a bit of your own laughs into our shows.



The Global Smash Hit + Las Vegas Strip Favorite has hit the ships daaaaaaarling! And it’s going down a storm!  A full-on riot of a show. Fast, funny and fabulous. Are you ready to misbehave? Prove it. A game show like no other. You'll win and lose points, you'll know all the tunes, and probably end up shouting and screaming (and singing) in spite of yourself, all while having no idea WTF is going on. The Host & Assistant will entertain the hell out of you, while guiding you through to the Grand Prize, a finale like you've never experienced before. Never the same show twice. Oh, and bring your phone. If you still don't have a clue what's about to happen ... perfect.


MISS BEHAVE HOST – Female presenting, should read 30-50 years old. Must have excellent crowd work skills and ideally enjoys crowd work more than their own material. You will have a script, some of which will be delivered with pathos, some purely instructional. The rest is listening and playing with the they dictate. Must be comfortable on a mic, ad-lib without derailing the rhythm, understand funny,  charismatic, natural comic timing and be able to work within a structure.


GLAM ASSISTANT - Male presenting circus artist, clown or dancer. Must be charismatic, able to move well and have natural comic timing. Largely a non-verbal role. Must have (or have the ability to create) a 2-4 minute number ideally skills-based and/or music-driven ‘assistant's special moment’ number including circus skills, dance etc.  Strong visual and soundtrack required. Music should be well-known in some way. Recognizable is our friend, whether that’s camp as tits, or metal AF. 


HOST - We’re looking for charismatic and outgoing male-presenting actors, with a strong background in hosting and improv comedy to be our host in this old-school variety hour meets late-night talk show mash-up. Must have the ability to improvise on the spot and create an atmosphere of fun (with a twist). A strong sense of humor is required as well as being comfortable performing among audience members and welcoming them into a high-energy experience.

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