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Magnetic. Playful. Rockstar.

Our casts are made up of nine unique and explosive dancer-performers who are equally comfortable dancing solo, in groups, lifting and being lifted, and on the dance floor.  Our shows embrace a vast spectrum of identities, genders, body types, and dance styles and no two dancers should look or dance the same. All performers must have a strong sense of humor, as well as be comfortable performing among audience members and welcoming them into a high-energy experience. Ability to improvise and think on the spot are a plus. 


Dancers are encouraged to leave their character shoes and matching leos at home. 

We welcome and encourage performers from a broad range of dance/movement worlds including contemporary, acrobatics dance, contact, any club styles (voguing, whacking, house, you name it), jazz, improvisation, gymnastics, comedy/sketch, and any other real weirdos fleeing ballet, musical theater or commercial dance to attend. Know-how familiarity of a couple of styles is hella rad, but expert authority in everything is far from mandatory. We just want you to do you!

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