February 28

Ripley Grier Studios

Please arrive for registration between 9am - 10am

Virgin Voyages is hosting in-person auditions for dancers for upcoming contracts onboard our fleet of ships. 


We’re kick-ball-changing it up on the high seas, casting for six experiences currently playing on our ladyships AND two brand new productions launching this summer! For more information about the gigs and life onboard, visit  


Our casts are made up of unique and explosive dancer-performers who are equally comfortable dancing solo, in groups, lifting and being lifted, and on the dance floor.  Our shows embrace a vast spectrum of identities, genders, body types, and dance styles and no two dancers should look or dance the same. 


We welcome and encourage performers from a broad range of dance/movement worlds including contemporary, acrobatic dance, contact, any club styles (voguing, whacking, house, you name it), jazz, improvisation, gymnastics, comedy/sketch, and any other real weirdos fleeing ballet, musical theater or commercial dance to attend. Know-how familiarity of a couple of styles is hella rad, but expert authority in everything is far from mandatory. We just want you to do you!


All performers should have a strong sense of humor, as well as be comfortable performing among audience members and welcoming them into a high-energy experience. Ability to improvise and think on the spot are a plus. 


Audition Information & Preparation

In person auditions will be held on February 28 at Ripley Grier. Please arrive between 9-10am for registration and plan to stay until 1:30pm. 


Dancers are encouraged to leave their traditional character shoes and matching leos at home! Please bring sneakers and a heel (if you’ve got one). 


Please note: Proof of vaccination will be required to attend the audition. Masks will be required onsite.  All performers should be 21 years of age or older. Union and Non-Union. 


Contract Information

Contracts will be ongoing throughout 2022 on our fleet of ships across the Caribbean and Mediterranean: The Scarlet Lady, The Valiant Lady, and The Resilient Lady. 

Salary: $1,000/wk. Housing, transportation, and all meals provided.