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MAY 24

By Appointment


Director: Andrew Neisler 

Choreographer: Mayte Natalio

Music Supervisor: Ada Westfall

Immersive Director: Kevin Hourigan

Producer: Weiner Entertainment Group 

Virgin Voyages is hosting in-person auditions for dancers and breakdancers for ANOTHER ROSE by appointment in New York City on May 24, 2023


Another Rose is an immersive 120-minute theatrical work, which includes a 30-minute preshow of themed immersive activities, scenes, choreographed performances, and interactions with the audience.


The performers are the show's guides for the audience and need to be able to welcome them into the world in a natural way. All performers should be comfortable hosting and interacting with guests. 


All Another Rose performers are expected to be part of a theatrical ensemble – learning blocking in addition to specific performance moments, participating in the movement of props and scenic elements, and collaborating with one another as well as the servers and bar staff in the venue.


We welcome and encourage performers from a broad range of dance/movement worlds including breaking/b-boy to attend. Tumbling, Acro, Parkour and the ability to improvise and think on the spot are a plus. 



GUARDS: Male identifying, female identifying, non-binary. Versatile dancers with contemporary, modern, street jazz and contemporary partnering proficiency. Acting experience is a plus. The performer needs to be comfortable speaking to audience members and dancing in close proximity to the audience. Excellent musicality and spatial awareness required.Good comedic timing and immersive performance experience is a plus.


Specialty Skills: Acro, aerial, parkour, breakdancing, contemporary partnering.


**Must be comfortable taking off shirt/down to a bra onstage.


SOFIA: Female identifying. Should have solid dance experience and move with grace. Acrobatic dance experience and partnerwork a plus. Needs some acro skills and/or to be able to do parkour style acrobatics e.g. Kip ups, back flip, back handspring, forward dive roll, aerial (aerial cartwheel). 

**Must be comfortable stripping down to underwear onstage. Does sexual bondage style bullwhip and a short aerial dance sequence. Kisses other performer(s) onstage

INDIGO: Male identifying. Should have solid dance experience and needs good contemporary partnering skills.

**Must be comfortable stripping down to underwear onstage and comfortable with bondage/getting a rose whipped out of his mouth. Kisses other performer(s) onstage.


TORRIN: Male identifying. Should have solid dance experience and needs acro and/or parkour skills.

**Must be comfortable stripping down to underwear onstage. Kisses other performer(s) onstage.

Audition Submission Instructions

To be considered for an appointment please email headshot/resume and any reels to with NYC ANOTHER ROSE SUBMISSION in the subject line by Monday, May 22, 2023


NOTE: You must be 21+ to work onboard. 


Contract Information

Contracts will be ongoing throughout 2023-2024 on The Resilient Lady, sailing the Mediterranean and Australia. 

Salary: $1000/wk. Housing, transportation, and all meals provided.

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