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It's knot all fun & games ... or is it?


We’re throwing out the rule book and reinventing the Cruise Director and Cruise Staff. Introducing Happenings. Composed of 12 fabulous and exceptional humans, our Happenings cast is on the frontline of Sailor satisfaction on a Virgin Voyages sailing.

Each member of the cast focuses on a specific topic or theme they are experts in and pass that passion and knowledge on to our Sailors all voyage long. From art class to bar crawl, Happenings make it all happen.

We’re looking for personable, outgoing, confident, and unique humans who are ready to jump on board and rock the boat.


The Diva

She’s the walking, talking, head-turning goddess of glitter.


Our resident Drag Queen, stars in her own cabaret show, hosts bingo, and is the life of every party.  She's a fierce vocalist with dance moves that razzle *and* dazzle (even outside the restaurant).


The Hostess

Our glamorous hostess-with-the-mostes.


A songstress and a storyteller, The Hostess lights up every venue on board. Join this butterfly at all the social gatherings — whether big or small — and enjoy her cheeky-comedic flair.


The Charmer

It's not all smoke and mirrors, but plenty of mystery & illusion.


The Charmer is a close-up conjurer and cocktail enthusiast who mixes magic and mischief into every encounter. Their lemon twists and plot turns will leave you thinking, “ did they do that?”


The Artist

Our resident crafty curator of the creative.


The Artist is knowledgeable in many mediums and encourages Sailors to color outside of the lines. Live Life Colorfully or paint with boozy bevvies — to get creative and express yourself. Supplies are included, but talent certainly isn’t necessary.


The Foodie

The expert of eateries, and connoisseur of cocktails.


They may not be making the meals, but they sure do know where to find 'em. The Foodie takes you on Grog Walks, cooks up classes, and shakes up mixology. And they’re not just about the food, they also have a heavy knowledge of health and well-being.


The Gamer

Ready to roll the dice?

Feelin' lucky?


Then take a chance on The Gamer. Join our connoisseur of competition for hosted tournaments, quizzes, and trivias all over our lady ship and on the shores of Bimini. Feeling competitive, Sailor?


The Balancer

Breathe, burn, bike, build

It's all in the name!


Whether you’re aligning your chakras in morning yoga or detoxing at the 80’s workout video-inspired fitness class, The Balancer will show you how to enjoy the best of both on your voyage.


The Flare

They know where to hit all

the ship's hot spots.


Looking for a rabbit hole of fun experiences, Sailor? The Flare will guide you through an exhilarating journey of our most exciting activities and parties across our lady ship.


The Hype

Who else would you expect

to bring the energy?


From the moment the party starts, until the last piece of confetti has fallen, The Hype is always front and center serving the best moves and inspiring an epic time. And they’re always around this ship — entertaining Sailors at most events, game shows, and performances.


The Spark

That person who really knows how to light up the room.


When The Spark arrives, their electrifying personality energizes any event on board our lady ship. Find them leading the pack to the dance floor, or closing down the after parties.


The Glow

Who needs sun when you

have a vacation glow?


Looking to chill on the beach or dance until the sunrises? Sailors can find The Glow, and their radiant personality, at many of our activities and parties on board and ashore in Bimini.


The Bounce

Can't sit still? Neither can

The Bounce!


Bop around our lady ship with them to find the best beats and bashes! They're here to help guide you to your vibe tribe, and boost that vacation energy so you, too, are bouncing off the walls.

Happen to Have What it Takes?

If you SEA yourself in one of these personas, we'd love to SEA you at an audition!

Click Auditions from the menu bar to find a city near you?  Can't make it in person?

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