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The Gamer

Profiles are provided for illustrative purposes only. Persona, stories, background, skills and duties are evocative of the type of humans we are looking for to join Happenings.

I’ve always loved playing games. I started playing board games with my friends at a young age and got really hooked on the skill needed to win. I also, naturally, fell into playing video games and am an avid gamer, especially keeping up with the latest and greatest in the gaming industry. When I’m not at my survival job, I’m volunteering at our local Ronald McDonald House. I also host my local Geeks Who Drink trivia night at the Red Monk on Wednesday nights, which has proven to get me out of my shell.

What are my skills:

  • Expert gamer, both digital and old school

  • Ability to quickly learn new games and teach them on the fly

  • Ability to engage an audience and make things seem super cool and relevant

  • Be able to update the content of games based on current events and sailor demographics

  • Ready to play with sailors and make them feel comfortable and at ease


Snapshot of my voyage:

  • Lead the Virgin Sailors in cool gaming experience in the Boardwalk at Board Game Alley

  • Be the trivia rockstar I know I am at Salty Trivia

  • Be on call to help sailors live their video game life in The Groupie

  • Be the coolest dodgeball nerd at Gotta Dodge ‘Em All with Sailors on Scarlet Night.

  • Help Sailors dodge the sirens call at Conundrum

  • Stepping into my hosting and emcee shoes for a myriad of events across the ship

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