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Traditional? Knot on our watch.

We’re kickball changing it up on Virgin Voyages, crafting one-of-a-kind shows for our Sailors and unequaled gigs for humans of all kinds.


Duel Reality

From the minds of the 7 Fingers, Duel Reality is a fast-paced retelling of Romeo and Juliet – with an elaborate circus twist. By stripping this love story down to the core of its conflict and dropping the action into a sporting arena, both the thrills and the danger are heightened.

Sailors have ringside seats to the graceful and death-defying acts while witnessing the two groups grapple with a heart-pounding desire to rise above one another.


Never Sleep Alone

Produced by Roslyn Hart & Alfredo Guenzani. Resident sexologist, Dr. A, dispenses her unique brand of fearless and playful advice in this interactive, late-night cabaret that puts you at the helm of your sexual destiny. It’s not for the faint of heart.


Ships in the Night

Created by the 7 Fingers, this edgy, strange and beautiful production explores how humans navigate the world, passing each other on the street without ever really knowing or understanding one another’s inner stories. Using ethereal technology and electrifying choreography, this show examines the significance of incidental connection while on personal journeys.



This hype-music-video-meets-club-scene is an absurdist dance party – with a dash of old-fashioned showbiz flair. Think of euphoric moments and power ballad breaks. Picture giant inflatables where you didn’t know you needed them. Imagine just the right amount of cats. Don’t worry too much about what it is. Grab a drink, dance to the music and stay in the (un)moment of it all.

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