Music is in our DNA.

Live music is a core part of the Virgin brand. One that started as a record club on the streets of London before opening our own studio – The Manor (sound familiar)? Later on, we launched our label and landed a little-known band called The Sex Pistols. 

So, when we decided to set sail as Virgin Voyages, it was inevitable our music program would be radically different from others at sea. Forget your stuffy tux… forget having to play pre-approved music from a book. We hire musicians to make, well… MUSIC. 

We have designed our program to allow you to play to your unique strengths, read the room, and make magic in the moment.  All of our venues and sets support a variety of musical types and it’s a big ocean of choice so it doesn’t matter how you rock, swing, groove, or vibe – you can float with Virgin Voyages.


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