Virgin Voyages follows in the footsteps of the Record Label that made all of this possible, which means we actively scout the next best talent through our network of agents, managers, and industry partners. Here are some of the musicians who board our stage.
Guest Bands
Notable Indies
Resident Bands

Our Resident Bands Do a Little Bit of Everything... Really Well. 

Valiant Lady Band

Led by Gabriel Rios on Keys


Dani Ortiz - (Bass)
Langdon Quin - (Vocals)
Magin Santibañez - (Guitar)
Joe Babiak - (Drums)


Scarlet Lady Band

Led by Jorge Flores on Keys


Rudy Maia - (Vocals)
Daniel Huerta - (Guitar)
Gonzalo Reyes - (Bass) 
Jimmy Correa - (Drums)


It's a Ship Show! Band

Led by Marc Aliana on Guitar Featuring Tayo Gbalajobi on Vocals with...

Danillo Silva - (Bass)
Gerardo Tuccini - (Drums)

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