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(Please) don't stop the music.

Our Events & Gigs include captivating and dynamic singers with a strong sense of style, humor and self. We are looking for unique vocalists with wildly diverse body types, backgrounds, and individual styles. All singers must be comfortable learning basic movement, improvising, performing in close proximity to and among audience members.

Our singers are unicorn vocalists with unmatched stage presence and explosive star quality.

Our vocalists are given the space to sculpt and adapt to their individual styles, however, the following breakdown provides a guideline for particular skills/qualities that are needed specifically seeking.


THE HOSTESS -  Female identifying - A glamorous songstress and engaging storyteller, with some wicked hosting skills, she has the ability to make anyone feel special and at home. Will host several events, serenade sailors in their own one person cabaret, and star in Scarlet Night.  Must be able to comfortably sing from E3-F5 (belt/mix) with extension up to B5 (head voice)

THE DIVA -  The resident Drag Queen onboard who stars in her own cabaret show, hosts bingo, and is the life of every party.  She is a fierce vocalist, has dance moves that dazzle, and a wit to marvel at.  Must be able to comfortably sing between B2-A4 in a chest/mix-belt register with ability to falsetto up to C5.  Seeking professional drag queens who have loads of experience in comedic hosting with live audiences.


THE UNICORN - Female Identifying or non-binary – An utterly singular vocal force with stratospheric pipes and a strong sense of humor about herself/themself and the show. Performs an unexpected set of 90s hits with total self-seriousness in UNTITLED DANCESHOWPARTYTHING (Created by Sam Pinkleton & Ani Taj), a hype music-video-meets-club-scene is an absurdist dance party…  with a dash of old-fashioned showbiz flair.

THE MC - Male identifying or non-binary - A glam rock singer in the style of David Bowie, Rufus Wainright and Justin Vivian Bond. A strong actor, able to play any and all ranges of gender in surprising ways. Must be able to comfortably sing up to B4 and in falsetto. Performs in SHIPS IN THE NIGHT (Created by Gypsy Snider/The 7 Fingers), an edgy and beautiful production featuring ethereal technology and electrifying choreography.

DEMETER - Female identifying - Rock and soul singer with a queenly demeanor. Must be able to comfortably perform E3 - A5 (belt/mix). Performs PERSEPHONE (Created by Kaleidoscope Entertainment) 

LOLA - Female identifying - A thrilling, powerhouse vocalist with a contemporary high-belt. Compelling storyteller and hostess with a charismatic presence. Strong mover who will captivate the audience from the moment you step into her library.  Performs LOLA’S LIBRARY (Created by No Ceilings Entertainment) 

CHANTEUSE - Female identifying or non-binary - Mezzo-soprano/soprano vocal range G below middle C, with a belt to D5.  Our hostess and narrator for the evening. A captivating and magnetic presence, the Chanteuse should be comfortable with immersive performance. Performs ANOTHER ROSE (Created by Weiner Entertainment Group). 

SYDRA - Female-identifying, 30-50 - Alto, vocal range F below middle C. Be able to mix/belt C#5. The overly protective queen - physically striking and startling, traditional and fiercely protective of her way of life. Needs to be a multi-genre singer with strong pop sensibilities. Stylistic leanings include rock, soul, RnB, pop, classical, acoustic soul, and punk. Performs ANOTHER ROSE (Created by Weiner Entertainment Group).  


TOMAS - Male identifying or non-binary - Tenor with ability to handle tight harmonies. Wild energy with clowning experience a plus. Performs ANOTHER ROSE (Created by Weiner Entertainment Group).  


JEANNA - Female identifying or non-binary - Mezzo-soprano / soprano with good comedic timing. Spunky, fun, mischievous singer with ability to handle tight harmonies. Performs ANOTHER ROSE (Created by Weiner Entertainment Group).  

MOLLY - Female identifying or non-binary - Mezzo-soprano / alto with ability to handle tight harmonies. Will play a variety of roles, including the Priest. Performs ANOTHER ROSE (Created by Weiner Entertainment Group).  

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