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The Hostess

Female identifying - A songstress and storyteller who hosts their own on person cabaret and has the ability to make anyone feel special and at home. Must be able to comfortably sing from E3-F5 (belt/mix) with extension up to B5 (head voice)

Skill Sets:

  • Especially glamorous look

  • Killer vocalist with her own cabaret

  • Really down to earth and approachable

  • Wicked hosting skills

  • Ability to engage a group, small or large


Snapshot of your Voyage:

  • Embody the Octopus Goddess on Scarlet Night and sing to sailors in your lair

  • Guiding Sailors through a 30-minute story-driven star gazing journey into the stars and cosmos

  • Star in a Post Modern jukebox style curated cabaret show

  • Serenade sailors with a set or two in the On the Rocks bar

  • Co-host the super fun and funky Risky Quizness with the Gamer

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