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The Diva

The resident Drag Queen onboard who stars in her own cabaret show, hosts bingo, and is the life of every party.  She is a fierce vocalist, has dance moves that dazzle, and a wit to marvel at.  Must be able to comfortably sing between B2-A4 in a chest/mix-belt register with ability to falsetto up to C5.


Skill Sets:

  • Professional Drag Performer

  • Can sing, move and tell a joke

  • Sharp, smart and cheeky people skills

  • Ability to hold an audience for a moment or an hour

  • Ability to dial up and dial down the naughtiness


Snapshot of your Voyage: 

  • Host the hilarious Scoop There It Is! Game Show

  • Be the star of Drag Bingo and Around the World in 80 Minutes: A Drag Show!

  • Host a special Diva Karaoke Night

  • Pop into various parties as the Diva and help get the party started

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