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The Balancer

Profiles are provided for illustrative purposes only. Persona, stories, background, skills and duties are evocative of the type of humans we are looking for to join Happenings.

G’day. I’ve spent my life working on my physical and spiritual fitness and really dig sharing what I’ve learned with others. I went to school for kinesiology and spent some time, post Uni, studying at an ashram in India for a few months. I wanted to really hone my physical and mental self and it totally paid off. I find so much joy in reaching out to amazing humans around me and helping guide their body and souls to their utmost potential. And I really dig getting my sweat on.

What are my skills:

  • Wellness focused

  • Nutrition and exercise expertise

  • Knowledge of sports and gameplay a must

  • Able to hold a group in conversation, whether at rest or at play

  • Be an epic motivator, always making others feel good about what they are doing


Snapshot of my voyage:

  • Lead our Sailors through a choreographed 80's workout video-inspired group fitness class, VHS.

  • Help you let out the inner child at Game On at the Athletic Club

  • Be your favorite coach at Camp Virgin at the Beach Club, cheering you on during the three-legged race

  • Lead guided meditation at the Beach Club wellness retreat

  • Step it up. I’ll be at the Let’s Get Physical event in the theatre

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