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The Charmer

Profiles are provided for illustrative purposes only. Persona, stories, background, skills and duties are evocative of the type of humans we are looking for to join Happenings.

Hey there. I guess you could categorize me as a magician, but I am so much more than that. I’ve never loved the rabbit out of a hat, bad dad magic tricks of the past; what really excites me is how to weave magic into daily life. Creating magical, unexplainable moments is my jam. I see myself more as a storyteller who weaves these things into captivating experiences. Yes, I would gladly do a gig at the Magic Castle if called, but you wouldn’t catch me dead on Penn and Teller’s TV show. You would find me at Underground every month trying new material and honing my craft.

What are my skills:

  • Up and coming magician with excellent close-up skills

  • Ability to go with the flow and perform anytime/anywhere

  • Have a knowledge of or the desire to learn about mixology

  • Ability to hold an audience of one to one hundred

  • Ability to teach moments of magic to sailors


Snapshot of my voyage:

  • Creating unexpected moments of surprise and delight for our sailors with close-up magic to pair perfectly with their kick-ass cocktails.

  • Host a group of VIS in the Manor VIP area, where I will show them the best of my parlor magic

  • Have some sailors “in on the magic” and do some grand storytelling illusions during the Retro Glam day

  • Join sailors at tea time for some mentalism in SIP

  • Host a spirit experience on Scarlet Night

  • Playing nurse for Dr. A in our "adult by design" production of Never Sleep Alone.

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