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The Hype / Spark / Glow / Bounce

We’re looking for personable, outgoing, confident and unique humans who are ready to jump on board and rock the boat. Our Happenings Cast deliver one of a kind experiences to our Sailors and make SHIP happen! Any gender identity and ethnicity/ethic background. 

Skill Sets:

  • Not shy, in the least

  • Able to engage in an authentic conversation with anyone at any time

  • Ability to ramp up a party, just through my being there

  • Being open to new experiences and for leading others through the unknown

  • Ability to be an expert improviser and to host an event, at the spur of the moment

  • Thrive in a fast paced creative environment and the ability to juggle multiple tasks at once

  • If you are a dancer, that’s a plus


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