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The Foodie

Profiles are provided for illustrative purposes only. Persona, stories, background, skills and duties are evocative of the type of humans we are looking for to join Happenings.

Hey there. I’ve loved food and nutrition from a young age. I decided to go to to culinary school and from there my life took a crazy turn. When I graduated, I decided not to go to work in a restaurant, but travel the world learning about food culture and traditions. I spent several years in cities, big and small, with local chefs, absorbing their knowledge to create my own Rolodex of flavors. I also spend a lot of time working with Action Against Hunger, volunteering in countries that need our help and struggle with malnutrition.

What are my skills:

  • Knowledgeable about the culinary world

  • Not necessarily a master chef, but knows their way around the kitchen

  • Especially engaging and good at commanding a crowd

  • Very nutrition minded, with a heavy knowledge of good health and well being

  • Red hot look and personality


Snapshot of my voyage:

  • Teach sailors how to plate and photograph the perfect meal at "Food of the Gods and the ‘Gram"

  • Craft the perfect cocktail, with the help of our onboard mixologist, at "Shot for Shot"

  • Mix and mingle, answering any inquisitive Sailor’s questions at The Test Kitchen during open hours

  • Pop into the Rock Star Access tour and give the VIS’s super artisan sweets

  • Greet sailors at The Survivor’s Club and make sure that they find all the carbs

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