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Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin


Virgin Voyages is hosting in-person auditions for circus performers for upcoming contracts onboard our fleet of ships.


We’re changing it up on the high seas, casting for multiple experiences currently playing on our ladyships AND two brand new productions launching this summer! 


We are looking for diverse, multidisciplinary, contemporary circus artists with movement and dance qualities, acting skills, floor acrobatics, and partner work. Performers must be magnetic team players, comfortable with up-close audience interaction. 

While this is an open call, we will only see performers who are able to present at least one of the primary disciplines listed below. Some artists may be asked to present a secondary skill as well.  Dance training and the ability to learn choreography is a plus.

  • Banquine flying / hand-to-hand flying

  • Banquine base / hand-to-hand base

  • Male/Male and Male/Female Hand to Hand Duos

  • Aerial straps

  • Aerialists who perform Lyra and Hammock, who can ALSO dance Femme Funk/Heels and contemporary choreography. 

  • Dance Pole Artists who can dance Femme Funk/Heels and contemporary choreography. 

Audition Information & Preparation 

In person auditions will be held on April 5 at The 7 Fingers Studios. Please arrive between 9:30-10am for registration.

Be prepared to demonstrate your circus skills in a presentation lasting no longer than 3 minutes for each skill. Audio playback will be available via Bluetooth, a standard auxiliary connection or iPhone connection. No USB drives, please. 


Please note: Proof of vaccination will be required to attend the audition. Masks will be required onsite.  All performers should be 21 years of age or older. Union and Non-Union. 


Contract Information

Contracts will be ongoing throughout 2022 on our fleet of ships across the Caribbean and Mediterranean: The Scarlet Lady, The Valiant Lady, and The Resilient Lady. 

Salary: Varies per role / discipline - minimum $1,300/wk. Housing, transportation, and all meals provided.

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