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April 21, 2024

by appointment only

VIrgin Voyages is seeking influencers / movers / dancers to join our Happenings cast onboard our ships to create and deliver one of a kind experiences. 


We’re throwing out the rule book and reinventing the Cruise Director and Cruise Staff. Introducing Happenings. Composed of 12 fabulous and exceptional humans, our Happenings cast is on the frontline of Sailor satisfaction on a Virgin Voyages sailing.


As one of our Happenings Cast members, you can expect to be entertaining small and large groups by leading our vibrant sailors through dance classes, cheeky trivias, and performing in some of our epic parties. Additionally, you’ll provide general support to ensure ‘Smooth Operations’ around our events.


THE HYPE - From the moment the party starts, until the last piece of confetti has fallen, The Hype is always front and center serving the best moves and inspiring an epic time. And they’re always around this ship — entertaining Sailors at most events, game shows, and performances.

THE BOUNCE - Can't sit still? Neither can The Bounce! Bop around our lady ship with them to find the best beats and bashes! They're here to help guide you to your vibe tribe, and boost that vacation energy so you, too, are bouncing off the walls.

THE FLARE - Looking for a rabbit hole of fun experiences, Sailor? The Flare will guide you through an exhilarating journey of our most exciting activities and parties across our lady ship.

THE GLOW - Looking to chill on the beach or dance until the sunrises? Sailors can find The Glow, and their radiant personality, at many of our activities and parties on board and ashore in Bimini. Who needs sun when you have a vacation glow?

THE SPARK - When The Spark arrives, their electrifying personality energizes any event on board our lady ship. Find them leading the pack to the dance floor, or closing down the after parties.



Six-month contracts will be ongoing throughout 2024 on our fleet of ships across the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Australia.  All performers must be 21 years of age or older. 


Salary: Starting at $1,000/wk. Housing (single-cabin with private bath), transportation, and all meals provided.  Some stipend provided for clothing / looks.


To sign up for an appointment time, please use the registration link at the top of the page, or click here:

Performers will first learn choreography that showcases the styles of dance found in several of our parties.  Selected performers will participate in group activities, that may include question/answer sessions, improv acting, on-the-spot hosting, and reading from a side.

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